Living Economy

The crises of the global economy, the environment and social concerns share the same roots, namely a narrow pre-occupation with short-term gain at the expense of long-term sustainability. Tackling our crises requires not just technological leapfrogging but bold policy innovations and a new solidarity across borders, social classes, and generations.

Responding to the need for change, Worldwatch Europe’s Living Economy programme aims to put forward the conceptual framework of ‘building a living and green economy’. The overall objective is to mobilise a European constituency behind the commitment to green economy by emphasizing changes to norms, values, and policies.

The programme is founded on the basis of the research project “From Rio 2012 to a New Architecture for Sustainable Prosperity”. Read a summary of the project here. The project is supported by the Velux Foundation.


April 25, 2012: State of the World 2012 – Sustainable Prosperity conference in Copenhagen

June 5, 2012: Living Economy/Worldwatch public hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels

June 13, 2012: Release of the report ‘Messages for Rio+20 – filling the gaps in EU policies’

June 19, 2012: Side event at the Rio+20 Summit: Voices from Europe

November 15, 2012: Release of the report ‘From Consumer Kids to Sustainable Childhood’

November 15, 2012: Sustainable Childhood Symposium in Berlin

February 24, 2013: Sustainable Childhood Symposium in Athens

May 22, 2013: Pre-Launch of 'Sustainable Business' Report at Rebuild21

June 4, 2013: 'Business Innovation in a Living Economy' Launch at the European Parliament

October 22, 2013: 'Living Economy' at the Global Eco Forum in Barcelona

For further information about the 'living economy' programme please do not hesitate to contact our researchers Elena Niculae, Eirini Glyki or Josefine Campbell.