When: Sunday 24th February 2013, from 10 am
Where: Ecological Cultural Centre Leof. Ionias 315, Ano Patissia, Athens, Greece (very close to the electric railway station).
Hosted by: Worldwatch Institute Europe and the Green Party of Greece
Supported by: The Velux Foundation

This symposium will examine how unsustainable lifestyles are passed on from one generation to the next by the influence of media, marketers and others. How do we raise up our children so that they no longer grow up learning to be consumers but instead learn to become guardians of sustainable living?

Worldwatch Institute Europe looks at a combination of data highlighting the facts behind the main issues that affect childhood in Europe: family structures, education, consumerism, advertising, and the urban environment. Which is the central force in shaping children's values, thoughts and ambitions? This synthesis is supplemented by an on-the-ground research proving the actual picture behind the data. How do families in Denmark, Serbia and Spain view sustainable childhood?


10:00 Welcome and openings notes
Nikos Chrysogelos, Eurodeputy of the European Green Party

Session 1 – From Consumer Kids to Sustainable Childhood
Moderator: Katerina Batzaki, Press Officer Worldwatch Institute Europe

10:10 Messages from Children Engaging in Sustainability
Felix Finkbeiner, Founder, Climate Justice Ambassadors, Plant-for-the-Planet Initiative Presenting Plant-for-the-Planet Children's Initiative for Worldwatch (video message)

10:30 From Consumer Kids to Sustainable Childhood – new research from Worldwatch Institute Europe
Eirini Glyki Research Co-ordinator, Worldwatch Institute Europe

10:50 What are the Challenges for raising today's children
EADAP-The Society for the Development and Creative Occupation of Children

11:10 Questions from the audience

11:20 Coffee break

Session 2 – Workshops and Panel Debate

11:45 – 13.15 Workshops

Workshop 1: Creative Children Workshop
"The city I live in. My habits. What am I interested in doing/learning"
Music, art, games, experiences - free space, nature, movement
Co-ordinator: Sofia Polichronopoulou, Creative learning expert

Workshop 2: Creative adults workshop : Living Economy-Sustainable Childhood
How can we ensure the well-being of our children? How do we raise citizens and not consumers?
Family structures, consumerism and marketing, urban life, education and sustainability
Co-ordinator: Eirini Glyki, Reseach Coordinator Worldwatch Institute Europe

13:15-13:45 Summary of the event - Workshop findings – Discussions
Reporter/moderator: Katerina Batzaki, Press Officer Worldwatch Institute Europe

The symposium is free of charge but registration is required by 22nd February 2013. Please register by sending an e-mail to info@worldwatch-europe.org