13:00 Welcome by Michael Jarlner, International Editor at Politiken (moderator)

Session 1 - The Concept of Sustainability

13:10 From Sustainababble to True Sustainability: State of the World 2013 Report
Robert Engelman, President, Worldwatch Institute (U.S. office)

13:30 Keynote: Christian Friis Bach, Danish Minister for Development Cooperation

13:40 Nordic Response to the Global Sustainability Challenge
Dagfinn Høybråten, General Secretary, Nordic Council of Ministers

14:00 Questions from the audience
14:30 Coffee, tea, and refreshments

Session 2 - Getting to True Sustainability

15:00 Business and True Sustainability
Ed Groark, Chair of the Board of Directors, Worldwatch Institute (U.S. office)

15:15 Transforming the Business Sector to be a Driver of Sustainability
Jasper Steinhausen, Chief Market Manager of Sustainability, COWI

15:30 Tackling the Greatest Challenge of the 21st Century
Katherine Richardson, Professor in Biological Oceanography, Copenhagen University

15:45 Panel Debate - Getting to True Sustainability
Robert Engelman (Worldwatch Institute)
Jasper Steinhausen (COWI)
Katherine Richardson (Copenhagen University)
Martin Ågerup (CEPOS)
Moderated by Michael Jarlner (Politiken).

16:30 Close

The seminar aims to address the complexity and challenges of creating a sustainable world while surging a debate of the urgent need for a rapid accommodation of human needs to the capacities of a finite planet.

Some of the key questions addressed are: What is true sustainability? How can progress toward it be measured in atmosphere and climate, fresh water, biodiversity and other systems critical to the prosperity of future generations? How do time and scale influence sustainability? Can the business sector be a driver of sustainability?

Admission is free of charge but registration is required by 29 April 2013, 10:00am.

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