Elena Mocanu (Niculae)

E-Mail: eniculae@worldwatch-europe.org

Elena works as a researcher and writer on business sustainability research projects at the Worldwatch Institute Europe.

Elena comes from Romania, where she got her bachelor degree in International Business and European Affairs. She has a Masters diploma in International Business and Politics from Copenhagen Business School awarded in 2011. Since then, she has been working as a graduate intern on various research projects on radical innovation and sustainability in collaboration with Campbell Co. and Rebuild21 (Leadership Academy). As part of her interests on human rights issues, she pursued an internship with the newly founded Gulf Center for Human Rights in Copenhagen, where she collected secondary data for their first annual report released in 2013, comprising human rights violations in Middle East and Syria, and planned and coordinated their opening ceremony in Copenhagen.

In light of her interdisciplinary education, Elena is driven by the desire to make the world a better place by looking at sustainability from various angles. Interested in promoting a more sustainable economy, she does research on strategies for business sustainability, with a focus on resource optimization and innovation, and has a keen interest in the circular economy and other sustainable business models. Another strong interest is the business and social sustainability agenda (business responsibilities for human rights), a topic she has researched extensively for her master thesis project, dealing among others with corporate governance, strategic Corporate Social Responsibility, human rights, critical legal theory in international law and the political theory.