One of the main puzzles of our time is how to avoid climate change and safeguard ecosystem health while simultaneously improving human wellbeing and enhancing social justice without destabilizing the economy.

Businesses have a very important role in the road towards a Living Economy – an economy that has as a goal to improve human wellbeing and quality of life, moving away from pointless consumerism, without compromising natural resources. How can business promote environmental and social sustainability, and at the same time have positive returns on investment?

As a part of our Living Economy project, Worldwatch Institute Europe is showcasing some European companies that are generating business value while considering environmental and social challenges. The objective of this report is to offer business leaders and entrepreneurs a better understanding of how to create shared value through sustainable business.

Our viewpoint is that return on investment can be enhanced through sustainable business practices; a hypothesis to be tested through our case studies and a collection of surveys and insights from international experts, all of which will be included in this report.


The publication is available for free download here (pdf). Alternatively, you can read it online by clicking here. Hard copies can be ordered by emailing to The price is €14.00 a copy or €90.00 for 10 copies, including postage and handling.

The report will be launched on 4 June 2013 with a special seminar and launch event at the European Parliament in Brussels.

For further information about the report please do not hesitate to contact our researchers Elena Niculae, Eirini Glyki or Josefine Campbell.

Illustration: Alejandra Bize