As part of the Living Economy project, this report is showcasing companies across Europe that are generating business value while considering environmental and social challenges. How is it that some businesses manage to promote environmental and social sustainability, while at the same time generating positive returns on investment? The objective of this report is to answer this question by offering business leaders and entrepreneurs a better understanding of how to create shared value through sustainable business. The report can be read online here.

This report examines how unsustainable lifestyles are passed on from one generation to the next as the media and marketers are increasingly taking influence on shaping childhood. Many European families wish for a more sustainable lifestyle but are hindered by the existing structures that are in place in European society. The report identifies these structures, links them to family lifestyles and childhood development, and ultimately frames it within the wish for greater well-being. The report can be read online here.

This report is portraying a vision of how to build a living economy; one that has human well-being and happiness at its heart, and allows for a sustainable future beyond the obsession with economic growth. Drawing on a survey conducted among European multidisciplinary groups of experts and stakeholders, the report reveals the most pressing concerns and attitudes towards sustainable development. In addition, a selection of case studies is used to demonstrate how environmental challenges are tackled across Europe. The report can be read online here.

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