The Danish government has recently launched a new web initiative to prevent the production of waste. The idea is to get hold of all good ideas, suggestions and success stories brought together by citizens, organizations and businesses.

It is a dynamic web platform where citizens and businesses alike can upload, discuss and document their ideas to prevent waste and improve resource efficiency. The goal of this initiative is to use all the ideas and concrete proposals for improvement towards a national strategy for waste prevention. Every idea posted on the platform will automatically enter a competition for the three best project ideas that will focus on preventing waste, that are free for everyone to pick up on and ideas that can be easily up-scaled.

Denmark produces the largest quantity of waste per capita of all EU countries. Hence, large amounts of valuable resources are wasted. The smartest way to solve the problem would be waste prevention. If we produce less waste, we should use less time, money and energy to extract new resources - benefitting both the environment and the economy. At the same time Denmark, as an EU Member State, is under the obligation to prepare a strategy for waste prevention.

The winning ideas will receive their prizes from RecycleIT, Rub & Stub and ReSecond, which are three Danish-based businesses helping the prevention of electronic waste, food waste and textile waste respectively.

The platform supports community involvement in issues that are normally associated with industry and policy-making only. It could very well serve communities in other European countries as well. The deadline for submitting ideas is at the end of May 2014.

Nikola Kiørboe is a consultant at the Copenhagen Resource Institute/European Topic Centre.