Governance: Adapting Humanity to an Ailing Planet

It has long been believed that science and reason would drive government action on the global sustainability challenges of climate change, growing inequity, and resource scarcity. Or that, with the proper signals, markets could drive a clean economy transition. But government actions, corporate and civil society involvement, and other efforts have mostly disappointed these expectations.

How can we push governments and corporations to act effectively to secure a decent future for all?

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13:30 Welcome by Michael Jarlner, International Editor at Politiken (moderator)
13:40 Governing for Sustainability: The State of the World 2014 Report
Ed Groark, President, Worldwatch Institute (U.S.)

Session 1 - Economic Governance and Sustainability

14:00 Mainstreaming Green Growth at the OECD,
Nathalie Girouard, OECD Green Growth Strategy Coordinator
14:15 Martin Manthorpe, Vice President, NCC Construction Denmark
14:30 Questions from the audience
14:45 Coffee break

Session 2 - Political Governance and Sustainability

15:15 Lone Loklindt, Chair of the Environment Committee, Danish Parliament
15:30 Nordic Co-operation for Green Growth - Politics in Transition,
Dagfinn Høybråten
, Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Ministers
15:45 Margrete Auken, Danish Member of the European Parliament
16:00 Panel discussion bringing together all speakers (open to questions from the audience).
17:00 End of the event

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