Worldwatch Europe's Director Bo Normander will present the State of the World 2014 at the Congress “Planet Earth, the other possible world” in Grosseto, Italy.

The congress brings together researchers and thinkers from all over the world, who dedicate their research for the transition towards a sustainable society. Current solutions, projects and technologies for a planet change will be presented and debated.

According to the organisers, there will be a selection of speakers ranging from a variety of backgrounds, including:

Mehran Keshe, Nuclear Scientist, will present the Plasma Reactor, a new technology which he believes will be able to help tackling major global problems such as energy needs, environmental pollution, food and water shortage.

Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadow, Social Engineers and Sue Everatt, an International activism coordinator will introduce the Venus Project- a resource based economy. The project aims at social change to build a new global, peaceful, sustainable world civilization.

Giampaolo Giuliani, Researcher, from the Giuliani Foundation will present current knowledge, technologies and solutions to defense against earthquakes and other dangerous natural events.

Giuliano Falciani, Researcher in Ethics and Social Sciences from the SARAS Association will speak about how a new world society can be created through an equitable distribution of resources and a responsible and conscientious use of science.

SARAS, the organizer of the congress, was officially founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization. The organization conducts research within the fields of social sciences and humanities. SARAS’ mission is to raise awareness through communication of relevant and current research to all parts of society.