Worldwatch Institute Europe now launches Vital Signs for Companies – a new service for both the public and private sector.

Vital Signs for Companies aims at providing value for your core strategic work in a post-CSR era. Your company or organisation can get tailored business and sustainability recommendations based on accessible, fact-based analysis of critical global issues linked to a post-CSR assessment of the daily business of your company. We provide you with recommendations for navigating in a strategic environmental perspective.

The concept takes advantage of Worldwatch Institute's renowned Vital Signs Online service that provides business leaders, policymakers, and engaged citizens with the latest data and analysis they need to understand critical global trends.


The interdisciplinary research of Worldwatch is based on the latest scientific studies and focuses on the challenges that climate change, resource degradation, and population growth pose for meeting human needs for energy, food, and livelihoods in the 21st century. Worldwatch’s flagship annual State of the World report remains the most authoritative “go-to” resource on how environmental factors are shaping our rapidly changing world for decision makers globally.

Sustainability and the environment are primarily important strategic concerns for both public and private sectors when they are made relevant for the core business of the company.

Our concept integrates the latest scientific studies with interviewing your key stakeholders (customers and employees) to add core value to your strategic work.

Sustainability is a vital part of a winning business strategy and shapes how you will add green value to your customers. We would like to be part of co-creating your tailored vital signs. We will engage staff with relevant business experience from private or public sector in line with the needs of your company.


We do not offer a complete spectrum of strategic environmental consultancy, but two tailored packages developed to help you choose the next steps in addressing the rapidly changing markets.

We help companies to gain a clear overview whilst supporting a sense of internal ownership and relevance by making use of customers’ and employees’ knowledge of potential opportunities to make green business. We provide inspiration with tailored vital signs for you to choose the future direction of your business.


Worldwatch Europe offers inspirational talks and presentations on Vital Signs for companies based on five key areas:
» Vital Sign 1: Green Economy
» Vital Sign 2: Green Business
» Vital Sign 3: Resource Efficiency
» Vital Sign 4: "The Good Life“
» Vital Sign 5: Beyond GDP

We expect that your company is already working with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) but that you may need a critical and inspirational review of future environmental and social challenges from an independent and highly recognized organisation such as the Worldwatch Institute.


Is your company ready for the post-CSR era? Worldwatch Europe offers to go through your company's CSR strategy and past/present experiences and come up with Vital Signs for your business. Your company can use the Vital Signs Strategy Check as a base for internal strategy discussions.

We expect that your company is already working systematically with CSR and has a high level of CSR-competences internally but that you may need help from an external and independent organisation to assess and prioritize what are the next steps in a post-CSR era for the company.

For booking and/or further information about this service please contact Head of Development, Dan Boding-Jensen at or tel. direct: +45 3049 0093.