Would you like to be part of a dynamic team committed to the vision for a sustainable world? We are currently looking for volunteers and advisors to help support our research and communication activities.

Our mission is to question cultural norms, engage decision-makers towards sustainable practices as well as to stimulate public enquiry. We have a team in Copenhagen of about 20 engaged and creative people – all volunteers or part-time staff.

If you have strong interest and great skills in one of our main research areas and if you have a curiosity about how sustainability and the environment relates to social, political, and economic realities, then Worldwatch might be something for you.

Currently, we are looking for volunteers supporting the following research areas:


Current activities: Planning of Circular Economy seminars in 2015. Consultancy on sustainable management (Vital Signs) for Danish/Nordic companies. Research on sustainable business innovation. Writing research articles for newsletter.

Contact: Julia Vol at jvol@worldwatch-europe.org


Current activities: Research and fundraising for a large European project on ‘Urban Biodiversity in Action’. Writing articles and inspecting urban biodiversity and greening initiatives.

Contact: Elena Bulmer at ebulmer@worldwatch-europe.org


Current activities: Research and fundraising for projects on ‘Preventing the Baltic Sea from Pollution with Plastics’ and ‘Story of Chemicals’. Writing research articles for newsletter.

Contact: Lisa Waselikowski at lwaselikowski@worldwatch-europe.org


Current activities: Copenhagen as a show case in a ‘Tale of Four Green Cities’. Contributing to the State of the World 2016 report on sustainable cities.

Contact: Bo Normander at bnormander@worldwatch-europe.org