This summer saw the publication of the prestigious publication of United Nations’s Global Compact International Yearbook 2014, featuring two of Worldwatch Institute Europe’s newsletter articles, alongside other prominent researchers’ and practitioners’ take on sustainable development in the private sector.

The aim of the yearbook is to create a global overview of the achievements of the UN Global Compact, by showcasing good practice examples of corporate participants and by providing a substantial editorial framework highlighting major trends and issues in area of business sustainability practices. The UN Global Compact is a principle-based approach to business sustainability initiatives in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Julia Vol's article on “Going beyond GDP - Measuring Social Progress” argues for a new measurement that attempts to provide a better understanding of the components of a successful society and social order, one that goes beyond economic growth as sole measurement for societal progress.

In “How High is Sustainability on the European Policy Agenda”, Elena Mocanu makes the case for a more pronounced policy approach to sustainability-driven business innovation in the context of the ongoing economic recession in Europe, requiring a fundamental industry makeover for signs of economic recovery.