Since the 1970s, humanity has been demanding and using more resources each year than earth can actually regenerate. Currently the regenerative capacity of 1,5 earths is used each year to provide humanity with ecological goods and services. Due to the limitations of nature’s capacity and an ever growing demand for natural resources, there is a clear need for rethinking economy.

The UK based REconomy Project is taking up this challenge. As part of the Transition Network, the project has been supporting communities since 2012 to strengthen their resilience to problems including climate change, rising energy prices, economic uncertainty and inequality. The Transition Network is a charitable organisation which is encouraging and connecting communities to become part of a transition movement, striving for rebuilding local and global resilience and reducing CO2 emissions. The mission is to create a healthy human culture that meets both the needs of humans and nature.

Communities wanting to transform their local economic systems are supported by the REconomy Project through online training courses, webinars and support events all over the UK. Stories and ideas of transforming communities are shared via social media, in order to point out the power of community-led economic development.

The REconomy project identifies itself as an experiment; it cannot provide all the right answers, but it can provide food for thought and it also distributes lessons learned to interested communities on the way towards a more sustainable society.