The deadline for our Urban Biodiversity Photo Competition is approaching and we're looking forwards to receiving more submissions from people all across Europe!

Send in a photo that captures your personal take on the topic and send it to us by 15th October to be part of Worldwatch Institute Europe's calendar for 2015.

The top 13 entries will be selected by our panel of judges and will win a copy of our 2015 calendar featuring own work, as well as a free copy of the 2014 State of the World report.

We also want to thank the photographers that have already contributed to the competition and sent in their beautiful shots.
See below a few examples of the submitted photographs.

Nymphalis polychlorus over tree
By Víctor Fernández Tascónfrom León, Spain

Crows gathering in twilight at the Lough, Cork
By Tom Jordan from Cork, Ireland

Lunch break in summer on Plot 14, Victoria Jubilee Allotments,
By Simon & Linda Baddeley from Birmingham, England