Stephanie Loveless

Project Manager, State of the World
Research Associate, URBIA


Stephanie is originally from Boulder, Colorado in the United States where her interest in working with social problems and underserved populations emerged and were explored during her bachelor studies at the University of Colorado and through subsequent work experience.

Since then, she has received a Permaculture Design Certificate and a double master degree in Environmental Science and Agriculture from the German University of Hohenheim and the Danish University of Copenhagen with specializations in Climate Change and Environmental Management. She has experience in researching community participation in making conservation areas in Northern Tanzania in addition to working with helping certify conservation easements for a land trust organization in Southern Colorado. She has worked on Worldwatch Europe's URBIA project which brings awareness to urban nature by recognizing the efforts of citizens working with grassroots green space initiatives in addition to researching the role of children in urban greening. During 2016 she has organized and is a keynote speaker at the Nordic Event Series to present Worldwatch Institute's 42nd annual publication of State of the World - Can Cities Be Sustainable? - to be presented in Stockholm, Helsinki and Reykjavík.

Her current research interests are in exploring and increasing awareness of socio-economic impacts of urban development. She will begin a PhD at UAB in Barcelona working with a team of researchers investigating the relationship of urban green spaces to gentrification (eco gentrification) in Europe and the United States as well as working with the team to develop a set of best practices to be used when renaturing cities and/or implementing green spaces.