Over the past months Worldwatch Institute Europe (WWIE) has been working on an engagement initiative, aiming to bring together key stakeholders from all sectors across Denmark to join forces in an effort to support the transition towards circular economy in the Danish market.

Circular Economy is Catching On

“Circular economy” has become quite the buzzword in the past year, which has made our work both easier and harder. On the one hand it’s easier to engage people in joining a trending project, but on the other, we had to take care not to fall into the trap of being "just another initiative", and to meet our stakeholders’ high expectations for innovative value.

In striving to meet these expectations, we've spent months meeting, talking, and learning from companies big and small, business leaders, decision-makers, and experts. During this fascinating process we've discovered that existing business solutions and technologies are incredible, many of which have the potential of opening a whole new world of possibilities for a sustainability revolution. However, we also found that when companies decide to incorporate the principles of circular economy, or transition to circular business models, they face some serious challenges including:

• Regulative barriers that prevent greater up-cycling and waste recovery, along with a lack of supporting policies that hinder business transformation.
• Absence of appropriate waste recovery infrastructure.
• Hardship in raising financial capacity for the transformation.
• Low awareness, interest, and engagement on the consumers' end.

Meeting the Challenges of Creating a Circular Economy

So far these challenges have been quite sporadically addressed by current activities and initiatives in Denmark. These are also not challenges that can be overcome by a single actor; they require joint efforts and collaboration between many different stakeholders. The point where stakeholders come together is where we feel WWIE needs to focus our work. In light of this, we will hold sessions dedicating to addressing each of the challenges above. We will do this by focusing on bringing together relevant key stakeholders to discuss and jointly work out possible solutions for helping to support businesses' efforts in transforming towards circular business operations to better foster transition to circular based economy and society.

Our team will collect and document insights generated through the discussions during each of the sessions and will compile an insight and recommendations report made available to the general public, as well as distributed among decision-makers and stakeholders in Denmark. We hope that this insight will provide a base for a greater understanding on cross-sectorial collaboration in supporting business transformation towards circular economy, while simultaneously engaging stakeholders from all parts of the society on the road toward a circular economy.

Launching the Circular Economy Initiative

On April 22nd we will introduce our initiative in a big kick-off festival. We are extremely happy to have raised the interest of, and get on-board, some great partners and very inspiring speakers such as Ida Auken, Tim Jackson, and Ken Webster, as well as our colleagues from Worldwatch Institute US.

Check out the event program, sign up, come on April 22nd to learn more about our circular economy initiative, and join the collaborative action for designing a circular and sustainable future.

For our supporters and followers outside of Denmark, we will establish a communication platform to bring the insights from the events and share our work with you via our online media channels. Please stayed tuned and follow us!