April has been an exciting month for Worldwatch Institute Europe. On April 22nd, at Politiken’s venue in the heart of Copenhagen, we held our Circular Economy kick-off and State of the World 2015 release event in the presence of over 250 guests.

Our colleagues Ed Groak and Tom Prugh from the Worldwatch Institute (USA), joined us to present their new State of the World Report, which presents gathered data on the main threats to our worlds' sustainability and well-being, many of which are hidden from the public agenda, and are to a large extent caused by the linear production and material flow within our current economic systems.

Although the picture painted in the report is rather gloomy, the report also presents an opportunity for changing the situation by adapting our economic paradigm to the changing reality.

We couldn't have wished for a better source of inspiration to help us set the scene for the urgency and hope for change, than having prof. Tim Jackson on board. Jackson, the author of the famous book “Prosperity Without Growth” and co-writer of the State of the World 2015 report, delivered an inspiring talk that challenged the audience to rethink the way we view the role of business and economy in our society.

And what could be better than having such an outstanding advocate for change? Having three of them on one stage! Both Danish MP and circular economy advocate Ida Auken, as well as Head of Innovation at the Ellen McArthur Foundation Ken Webster, joined and supported us in presenting Worldwatch's Circular Economy Initiative to the Danish audience.

It was an incredible experience to host and share the stage with these extraordinary, talented, and inspirational speakers and activists, certainly an important moment for us all at Worldwatch, both professionally and personally. It also serves as a great indicator on the importance of the work we are doing - if these people are joining us we must be doing something right.

After having shared our vision for the Circular Economy series of seminars, and expressing our desire for them to be as useful, relevant, and feasible for the Danish context, and markets, as possible, we invited our guests, participants, peers, colleagues, and other stakeholders to share with us what the most burning issues are for them in adapting principles of CE into their business models and operations. We’ve already received a great amount of feedback and we hope to keep up this fruitful dialogue in designing and delivering the seminars, and developing new activities based on the initiative.


The morning following the Copenhagen event our team headed to Stockholm where we, in collaboration with the Nordic Council of Ministers, held an executive seminar for representatives of the Swedish financial sector with participation from several Swedish MPs. At the seminar we used the State of the World 2015 Report as a basis for discussion on the role of finances in confronting threats to sustainability and the responsibility of financial institutions in help building sustainable, resilient, and prosperous economies.

It was an exciting opportunity for Worldwatch Europe to engage with the Swedish audience, present and discuss our work, and we are already looking forward to more opportunities for dialogue and collaboration in the near future.

See: State of the World 2015 goes Stockholm!


A big thank you for everyone who attended the event and those of you who missed it, we hope you will enjoy the slides. See also the full programme here!

Tim Jackson-The Trouble With Growth

Ken Webster-Circular Economy

Tom Prugh- Confronting Hidden Threats to Sustainability

Worldwatch & Circular Economy