On Tuesday June 9th, Worldwatch Institute Europe organised a special event at the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen: the Urban Biodiversity in Action (URBIA) award celebrations.

The event began with a warm welcome from Lars Højholt, journalist at the newspaper Information and Bo Normander, Executive Director at Worldwatch Institute Europe, followed by a number of key speeches given by Ivone Pereira from the European Environment Agency (EEA), Marcus Hedbolm from Sweden´s Agricultural University and Ann Berit from the Danish Society for Nature Conservation (DN).

For the entertainment, the group Batida and Nørrebro Dance with Joy performed live.

Finally at 7pm the winners and runners up to the Award were announced for each of the categories. And the winners of the URBIA Award in 2015 are:


WINNER: Wildfully Wild - wild private gardens
1st runner-up: Christiania - urban nature and community area in Copenhagen
2nd runner-up: Tippen - urban nature area on former dump site in Copenhagen


WINNER: Byhaven 2200 - urban community garden in Nørrebro, Copenhagen
1st runner-up: Odense Byhaver - urban gardens in Odense
2nd runner-up: Flowering City - green roadsides and flowerbeds in Vesterbro, Copenhagen


WINNER: Urban Green - biotopes of wild Danish plants across the country
1st runner-up: ØsterGro - rooftop farm in Østerbro, Copenhagen
2nd runner-up: Bølgemarken - local urban seafarm in Copenhagen harbor


A special prize, the People´s Choice Award, which was based on an online social media poll, was awarded to the rooftop garden project: ØsterGro.

The winners were nominated by the members of an Expert Panel, which had voted for the best projects, based on the scoring of a set number of criteria. Each winner received a certificate and a price of DKK 5000.


The objective of the URBIA project ( is to acknowledge and reward the best urban biodiversity community initiatives in Denmark through the launch of the URBIA Award ("URBIA-Prisen"). We at Worldwatch were overjoyed to see that 29 wonderful urban biodiversity initiatives applied. Among them were community gardens, rooftop gardens, maritime farms and bee conservation initiatives.

"It has been an incredibly exciting competition in which we have looked at about 30 creative and innovative projects in support of urban nature. The winners of the URBIA Award 2015 are the very best examples of urban nature and can be a model for others who want to engage in doing something to create green cities," said Bo Normander, director of Worldwatch Institute's European office in Copenhagen.

To learn more about URBIA - the project and the award - please visit