The Climate – KIC Climathon is a global 24-hour hackathon series that will be hosted simultaneously in major cities around the world. The purpose with the series of hacks is to bring cities and their citizens to actively participate and come up with solutions on existing local climate change challenges.

Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Gothenburg will host a Climathon where innovative and climate – friendly citizens will work in teams on ideas and solutions on existing local climate problems, and where the end-road is Paris. The team that receives the majority of votes will collaborate with its city to improve and work on their idea / solution, and test if there is a potential market and costumer base for it. In Paris, the team will present its climate friendly ideas at the COP21.

Each city has chosen a local climate change challenge to combat. The Copenhagen Climathon event is collaborating with Copenhagen Solutions lab and is held the 18th June. The challenge for Copenhagen’s citizens is to find sustainable solutions in viagra pas cher the mobility sector, where the possibility is given to work with different subtopics such as cycling, air quality, and car & bike parking.

In Helsinki and Gothenburg the KIC Climathon is held on the 17th June. Helsinki’s focus is on climate challenges in the educational sector where the aim is to develop innovative tools that visualize energy use to support more efficient and healthier learning environments.

Gothenburg’s challenge is to find solutions to the question: How can innovation platforms be instrumental in catalyzing city climate initiatives in the city of Gothenburg? The aim of the event is to shape new ways for innovation platforms to improve sustainable attractive cities.