The current regulative barriers often prevent greater up-cycling and resource recovery, making it difficult for companies to change toward innovative business models such as leasing and sharing of services and products, or install efficient take-back systems. Additionally there is still a lack in supporting and incentivising policies to buy viagra online canada encourage and motivate businesses to start down the road towards transition. At this session we will put to discussion the assessment work made by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation on “Circular Economy Policy Tool-kit on Denmark" as a study case, as well as brining a broader European view on the matter through the work done by Accenture on best-policy examples. We will discuss these also in light of the upcoming EU package on Circular Economy.

We will then invite local business authorities, policy makers, and circular economy experts to comment and debate about the practical implementations of Circular Economy supporting polices in the Danish context.



Julia Vol, Manager at Worldwatch Institute Europe
Ditte Lysgaard Vind, Editor and Co-founder of the Circular Economy Network

15:00 Speakers presentations

15:50 Coffee Break

16:10 Round table and open discussion

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