Over the past year Worldwatch Institute Europe has been working on an engagement initiative, aiming to bring together key stakeholders from all sectors across Denmark to join forces in an effort to support the transition towards circular economy in the Danish market. We are now introducing the fifth seminar in the series.


Changing consumer and user behavior and linear cialis effet secondaire consumption patterns in the direction of a more circular economy requires not only a change of companies’ business model, but also opening dialogue and engaging with customers, consumers and users as part of the value chain and creating new use practices around the alternative business model.

For this seminar we have invited representatives of businesses and organisations, who are experimenting with innovative circular business models to share their experience in establishing new patterns of engagement with customers, consumers and users, and the challenges they faced along the way.

Additionally, among our speakers will be researchers from Aalborg University (AAU), who will share with us their insights on interactions between production and consumption and challenges and opportunities of changing use patterns, as well as their view on enabling conditions and policies.

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Our Circular Economy Intitiative brings together stakeholders for sustainable solutions. Read more about circular economy here