Alexandra Hayles

Former employee at Worldwatch Institute Europe

Alexandra Hayles is senior researcher at Worldwatch Institute Europe. Before joining Worldwatch in 2011, Alexandra worked as an independent communications consultant having previously worked as Director for a Safety & Environmental Risk Management Rating Agency in the UK and worked for Dun & Bradstreet as a European Country Risk Analyst and as a Forfaiting Officer for London Forfaiting Company in the City of London. Alexandra holds a Master’s degree in Economics of the European Community from Exeter University in the UK (1992).

Alexandra takes a systems thinking approach to her analysis of environmental issues, adding practical insights to academic research. Her lifelong awareness of environmental issues is anchored in her hobbies. Especially her concern for the state of the oceans given her background as a keen and competitive sailor - Spanish national Europe class champion (1986). The sea is for her a continuous source of inspiration that has led her to paint very large seascape canvases that are currently exhibited in Denmark. Alexandra applies her creative abilities and multilingual skills during her work for Worldwatch, speaking and writing articles for business audiences such as the British Chamber of Commerce in Denmark. Her research areas are: green economy, urban ecology, changing societal values & culture and social & environmental entrepreneurship.

The application of theoretical insights, in the above research areas, to practical projects is Alexandra´s aim. She is presently active within the area of urban ecology. The implied aim is to develop parameters within projects that bring people closer to the biosphere and its values as well as further the research in this area. An example, is a bee project to gather stakeholders in cities to provide food for pollinators. Her activities on the effects of changes in behaviour on our global commons, has involved her in a new energy saving wristband idea that can help inform and change people´s behaviour. How to present information and engage stakeholders is vital for the success of many of the projects and it is for this reason why Alexandra is also involved in activities in support of the EU Digital Agenda.