Copenhagen, 1 December 2015

“Worldwatch Institute Europe is not a Danish think tank in Europe, but a European think tank in Denmark and part of a global think l'article viagra generique magnifique tank,” says a happy newly appointed Executive Director for Worldwatch Institute Europe, Jens Hald. He started his new job on the 1st of December 2015.

“I think our focus should not only be on climate and the environment, the scope should be wider in the understanding of transitions to a sustainable world that meets human needs and take advantage of the expertise that Worldwatch Institute Europe has in promoting circular economy,” says Jens Hald.

As a former member of the Danish Parliament, Mayor and Commissioner, Jens Hald has been an ambassador for large official organisations and representing a variety of public groups not least volunteers. In his work as Spokesman for Foreign Affairs and later Chairman of the Committee of Foreign Affairs he has represented the Danish Parliament in numerous International organisations and has thereby built a substantial international network.

As managing director for the National Guard, he had the responsibility for recruiting and keeping up the day to day work with staff, voluntary personnel and budgets.

Now, besides working for Worldwatch, he also works at South Danish University (SDU) where he is the founding administrative executive officer in the Center for Sustainable Operations Management and also responsible for research fundraising and external relations.