After Five Years of Crafting Environmental Strategies for European Decision-makers, Worldwatch Institute Europe Closes While Worldwatch Institute in the United States Continues Its Work


Following a five-year run of proposing ideas to European decision-makers and the public for accelerated movement toward an environmentally sustainable society, the Worldwatcth Institute Europe (WWIE) will cease operations at the end of December, the Institute’s Board of Directors announced.

The organization’s affiliated organization in the United States, the Washington-based Worldwatch Institute, is unaffected by this decision. Worldwatch will continue its work on sustainability, which reaches a European audience along with others around the world. The two organizations are independent financially and legally but otherwise affiliated, with past and current Worldwatch executives on WWIE’s board. Worldwatch Europe, founded in 2011, is registered as a Danish non-profit organization, while the Worldwatch Institute in the United States registered in that country in 1974.

The Worldwatch Institute Board expressed satisfaction with the European Institute’s accomplishments and thanked the many staffers and volunteers who carried its work forward over the years. Despite a number of grant-supported projects completed, in recent years’ income fell short of needs to sustain ongoing research, the Board said. The Institute will close with no outstanding debt. Followers of its work are encouraged to continue to follow the work of Worldwatch in the United States via its website,

“Many people were involved building and running Worldwatch Institute Europe. Most of them worked for no or only a humble salary. Everyone worked for many hours to meet their own high standards. Thanks for sharing the ambition of empowering European decision makers to create an environmentally sustainable society that meets human needs” said Dan Boding-Jensen, Chairman of the Board of directors