Eirini Glyki

Email: iglyki@worldwatch-europe.org

Eirini Glyki has been employed in 2012-2013 as a Project Researcher and Coordinator at Worldwatch Institute Europe and remains an active part of the organisation as a research advisor. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Nottingham University in the UK (2004) and a Master’s degree in Marine Resource Development and Protection from Heriot-Watt University in the UK (2005).

Her fields of interest revolve around social ecology and include degrowth, ecological economics, cultural change, social movements and the notion of participatory democracy. Additionally she is interested in governance issues, natural resource conflict and conflict resolution, involving a broad spectrum of stakeholders: local people, the environment, production practices, regional, national and international governance patterns.

Eirini’s work so far has been comprised of two aspects, the first being the approach through participatory research in developing countries – Colombia and Laos - with focus on local livelihoods and the changes affecting local communities by development and alterations in the usage of natural resources. The second part comprised of work in countries within the EU - UK, Greece and now Denmark. She was employed by Non-Profit Organisations and the public sector and managed and took part in various EU level projects concerning natural resource management, nature conservation and mild development within local communities. Moreover, in another aspect of her work, she managed a cultural integration project, involving second-generation immigrants in five European countries.

One of Eirini’s focus areas is raising awareness by bringing scientific research closer to the public. She is keen on working within multidisciplinary and multicultural environments with the aim of developing alternative solutions that could lead to a more sustainable world.

Selected Publications
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