Daniel Yeow

email: dyeow@worldwatch-europe.org

Daniel Yeow is the Online Manager at Worldwatch Institute Europe. In that capacity he is responsible for the maintenance of the website, as well as for online communications via social media, as well as the monthly newsletter.

He was born in Taiwan, but raised in Hong Kong, attending a British school, before moving to Australia to complete high school, and then pursue studies at the University of Melbourne in mathematics, philosophy, and archaeology. Following an honours-year in mathematics, he moved on to Columbia University in New York City, to complete a masters degree in climate science. Shortly after graduating he moved to the Netherlands, where he lived for two years before coming to Denmark, where he currently resides.

Throughout this time he has dedicated considerable "spare" time to volunteering at Amnesty International, sometimes in leadership roles, as well as speed skating in international competitions, sometimes professionally. Aside from employment at universities as a researcher, he has also worked at UNICEF headquarters in New York City with the climate section on creating an environmental education resource pack.