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Helsinki - State of the World 2016 High Lights

Compete together, not against one another – was a takeaway for cities from the SOW 2016 in Helsinki

By Rebecca Leigh Rutt
Stephanie Loveless

Highlights from State of the World 2016 Event in Stockholm

Sustainable Cities? Not without People was the takeaway from the SOW2016 in Stockholm

By Rebecca Leigh Rutt
Stephanie Loveless

Learning More About Urban Nature for Kids

“Is there an urban nature curriculum in Danish primary schools? And, if not, what should be taught?”

These are only two of the questions discussed at the first Kids and Urban Nature workshop held Thursday March 10th at Traestubben in Copenhagen. The workshop forms part of Worldwatch Europe´s URBIA Kids Project URBIA Kids Project and was an opportunity for the URBIA team to gather information on how urban nature is taught in Denmark.

New Urban Nature Project for Kids

URBIA Kids Project – Promoting the learning of the importance of urban nature among primary school children in Denmark

Worldwatch Institute Europe Has a New Director – Jens Hald

Copenhagen, 1 December 2015

“Worldwatch Institute Europe is not a Danish think tank in Europe, but a European think tank in Denmark and part of a global think tank,” says a happy newly appointed Executive Director for Worldwatch Institute Europe, Jens Hald. He started his new job on the 1st of December 2015.

Vacancy – Executive Director for Worldwatch Institute Europe


Worldwatch Institute Europe is a European environmental think tank in close affiliation with Worldwatch Institute in the US, united in the call for environmental and social transparency and sustainability. From the office in Copenhagen, Worldwatch Institute Europe undertakes public campaigns, research and policy analysis to disclose information at all stages in environmental and sustainability governance, with the goal to improve urban liveability and sustainable development of individuals and communities in Europe.

Normander to Step Down as Executive Director of Worldwatch Institute Europe

Copenhagen, October 7, 2015

Worldwatch Institute European Director Bo Normander has announced his decision to step down as head of the global research institute’s European office in Copenhagen. As agreed with the Board of Directors, Normander will stay with the organisation in a transition period until the end of 2015 to hand over his responsibilities and duties to a new leadership.

In 2010, Bo Normander took the initiative to found Worldwatch Institute Europe and he has been the daily manager since the beginning.

Poverty=Waste, Or Why Circular Economy Could Help Tackle Poverty

While a subset of the European Union manufacturing sector could achieve net materials cost savings worth up to 550 billion EUR per year towards 2025, a Circular Economy in emerging markets might translate into smaller savings numbers but sizeable societal ripple effects going beyond expectations.

Sustainability of Significant Urban Projects in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg large urban projects are designed to incorporate sustainability concepts, but are they truly sustainable in the local urban fabric? If Luxembourg intends to compete for talent on the world stage, mixed-use projects, such as the knowledge hub Belval, are needed, but they must connect with the local communities to be sustainable.