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Sustainability of Significant Urban Projects in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg large urban projects are designed to incorporate sustainability concepts, but are they truly sustainable in the local urban fabric? If Luxembourg intends to compete for talent on the world stage, mixed-use projects, such as the knowledge hub Belval, are needed, but they must connect with the local communities to be sustainable.

Highlights from ‘Circular Economy in Policy Making’ Seminar in Copenhagen

On September 15th 2015, over 150 people joined Cirkulær Økonomi Netværket and Worldwatch Institute Europe’s event on Circular Economy at the Danish Parliament in Copenhagen.

New Report and Video on Urban Biodiversity in Action Released

New Report on Urban Biodiversity in Action - URBIA

Sustainable Shelter Solutions for Homeless Communities in India

In the organic environment of many developing areas throughout the world, government policies are not always sufficient to solve the problems that arise from rapid urban growth. mHS CITY LAB, an NGO focusing on informal housing solutions with team members in Italy and India, addresses the policy and market gap of affordable housing by implementing a creative and sustainable shelter solution for informal residents in India.


Towards Sustainability in the Forestry Sector

Forests are vital for life and the value they create for the economy, society and the environment is immense. Sustainable forest management (SFM) is the sustainable use of forests with the aim of maintaining and enhancing multiple forest values. It has economic, social and environmental targets, which are similar to the ones applying to circular economy.

Controversial Uranium Mine in Greenland Close to Deal

The prospect of uranium mining in Greenland has been highly controversial: It has polarised the Greenlandic people, put the Greenlandic government on collision course with the Danish and drawn negative attention from environmental groups all over the world. Within the next few months, it may be decided whether the go-ahead will be given to a large-scale uranium mine near the town of Narsaq in Southern Greenland.

New Ways for Changing Consumer Behavior

Global consumption continues to grow in both material and economic terms. The rising use of materials and resources must be reversed, if we are to reduce the environmental impact of modern consumerism. It involves changing the mindset of consumers and integrating concerns for the environment into our everyday decision-making.

Winners of the URBIA Award 2015


On Tuesday June 9th, Worldwatch Institute Europe organised a special event at the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen: the Urban Biodiversity in Action (URBIA) award celebrations.

Insights from the 'Financial Capacity for Circular Economy' Seminar

After a successful kickoff event of Worldwatch's Circular Economy initiative in April, we held our first ‘addressing the challenges of circular economy’ seminar on June 4th, dedicated to the challenge of building financial capacity for Circular Economy transformation.

Higlight of the Month: Climathon Events in Scandinavia

The Climate – KIC Climathon is a global 24-hour hackathon series that will be hosted simultaneously in major cities around the world. The purpose with the series of hacks is to bring cities and their citizens to actively participate and come up with solutions on existing local climate change challenges.