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Culture as the Caveat Towards a Circular Economy

Circular economy represents an economic and political challenge, as well as a cultural one, requiring a massive transformation on all levels of society. But why is cultural change so important to understanding today’s economy and how can the circular model be considered a truly cross-cultural concept?

The idea behind the concept of circular economy is that of a more collaborative and participatory economy, which, among other things, is aimed at deeply transforming production chains and consumption habits.

Drought in California Triggers Action Across the Golden State

After four consecutive years of below-normal precipitation, California faces the most severe drought in 110 years. The Sierra Nevada’s snowpack is melting, farmland has to be fallowed, and lawn watering is banned, while politicians seek new ways to deal with the water shortage. Indeed, an unpleasant wake-up call for all, but also, a driver of green innovation and new ideas.

Highlight of the Month: Yardfarmers Reality TV

Around 16 million hectares of American soil is being used for turf-grass lawns, which are a major source of carbon dioxide. A new reality TV show called Yardfarmers will attempt to turn carbon-intensive lawns into fertile agricultural land.

Highlights from ‘State of the World 2015’ Events in Copenhagen and Stockholm

April has been an exciting month for Worldwatch Institute Europe. On April 22nd, at Politiken’s venue in the heart of Copenhagen, we held our Circular Economy kick-off and State of the World 2015 release event in the presence of over 250 guests.

Website Engineer Internship

Type: Internship, unpaid

Duration: 3-6 months, 20–37 hours a week (intern position with flexible hours)

Start Date: May/June 2015

Are you passionate about environmental and sustainability issues? Are you excited about the prospect of working with a diverse group of talented indiviuals with a broad international outlook? Do you have the kind of logical, methodical, and determined mindset that distinguishes good programmers and system administrators? Then we need you!

Is the Circular Economy Inevitable?

A circular economy is one that is restorative by design, and which aims to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value, at all times.

—Ellen MacArthur Foundation

How Will Linear Economy Go Down?

Circular Economy Initiative Launch in Copenhagen

Over the past months Worldwatch Institute Europe (WWIE) has been working on an engagement initiative, aiming to bring together key stakeholders from all sectors across Denmark to join forces in an effort to support the transition towards circular economy in the Danish market.

Circular Economy is Catching On

Highlight of the Month: European Cities Entering the Battle on Climate Change

As we approach the COP21 UN climate talks in Paris later this year, world leaders will come together to sign a historic commitment and binding agreement for fighting climate change. By doing so leaders will hopefully demonstrate a show of responsibility and a willingness to meet obligations when it comes to helping important environmental issues trickle down from global politics into the local governance and municipal solutions.

Waste Banks and Trading Platforms Make Waste a Valuable Resource

Waste is defined as all unwanted or unusable material, which is usually discarded by its owner. Waste that is discarded globally has many different destinations, from mere dumping to complex material recovery processes. How can waste be transformed from unwanted material into a valuable resource that can be bought and sold?

Rethink Business – a Project for the People

Our society is awash with theories, models, technical solutions, demonstration projects and grant schemes, all aimed at generating innovation, growth and development. Amidst all these good intentions, we often forget that it is people who generate change. In the Central Denmark Region, we are working towards a transition to a circular economy. Moreover, before starting the “Rethink Business” development project, we chose to integrate human motivation in our way of working.