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How High Is Sustainability on the European Policy Agenda?

Faced with an economy still struggling to make ends meet, the European Union's take on sustainability relies heavily on fundamental industry make-over for signs of economic recovery.

Danish Website Encourages Sharing of Ideas about Waste Prevention

The Danish government has recently launched a new web initiative to prevent the production of waste. The idea is to get hold of all good ideas, suggestions and success stories brought together by citizens, organizations and businesses.

Olympics in Sochi: It's Not Just About LGBT Rights

Having watched the world leaders applauding at the opening of the Olympic games in Sochi, and witnessing the amount of money the sponsors have poured into Putin’s capricious project, one may wonder about the real price that Russia had to pay for this adventure. Much criticism has surrounded these past Olympics, or more precisely their host country. The media has covered in detail the world’s protests on the dreadful LGBT rights[1] of Russia, but all the uproar is missing a critical point.

The ‘Burning’ Problem of Air Pollution in South East Asia

Smoke from land clearing fires in Indonesia causes hazardous haze pollution in South East Asia every year. Record high levels of air pollution caused by haze were reached in June 2013 in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. In response to regional pressure after the latest haze crisis, Indonesia has finally agreed to adopt the ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution from 2002. However, given the pact’s weak compliance provisions, will the ratification really be a game-changer in South East Asia’s struggle with haze?


Citius, Altius, Fortius

Faster, higher, stronger – the well-known Olympic motto has been in use for 90 years, and exemplifies the spirit of the Olympic games. With the recent winter games now fresh in our memories, perhaps it is a good time to reflect on what sport means to us in the broader context of society, and whether it still has a place.

The EU's 2030 Environmental Policy: From Might to Fright?

Greece is at the helm of the EU Presidency for the next six months, with a large debt and a heavy agenda both inside and outside of the country ranging from immigration issues to environmental concerns. But a closer look at the European Commission's proposals for climate and energy policies up to 2030 reveals that Greece and the EU will be up against a lot of criticism on the environmental front. Environmental NGOs accuse the EU of clashing with what is technically right and what is politically acceptable.

Green Walls and Their Environmental Merits

When it comes to creating the cities of the future, the latest buzzword often mentioned is “smart cities.” But what exactly makes a city smart?

The Wheels of Greed Are Spinning in Iceland

In the wake of the devastating financial crisis that brought Iceland to its knees, the people took charge, went out on the streets and demanded the right-wing government to quit what later will be named the “pots and pans revolution”. The right-wing government, led by the Independence Party, was deeply involved in corruption and notoriously known for its crony capitalistic approach in reaching for the country’s leadership, which eventually led to the economical collapse.

Analog Forestry - A Tool for the Sustainable Management of Forests

Rainforests are home to at least 50% of the world's species, which makes them an extensive bank and library of both biological and genetic material. The biodiversity of these tropical forests has inspired humans for millions of years. Unfortunately, their future is at stake with our planet losing an average of 140,000 species and 16 million hectares of forest annually.

Energy for All: Not Just a Question of Access

On a typical day, my alarm wakes me at 7 a.m., I get up and get my yoghurt out of the fridge, put on the coffee machine and sit down to watch the morning news. I take a hot shower, brush my teeth and get dressed. So only within the first 30 minutes of my day, I have already depended on a variety of energy services to get ready for work. And this is just the start of a very long day. Energy is a crucial input to satisfying most of our (more or less) basic needs and to lead a comfortable life – so essential indeed that we often forget about it.