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Chevron's Fracking Project - In the Name of CSR?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been viewed somewhat as an oxymoron by researchers in academia and by civil society. CSR is more often seen as a PR campaign tool for corporations rather than a genuine commitment to improving life quality, protecting natural resources from depletion, or for the sake of sustainable and social development. So what do we need CSR for?

Should Sustainability Become A Human Right?

The 10th of December is international human rights day, and not-coincidentally, the day on which the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. This year, the prize is being awarded to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, presumably for their important work in Syria which eventually lead to Syria becoming a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention. But I digress...

What Is True Sustainability?

At a large ceremony at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen last week, the Israeli software firm TaKaDu was celebrated as the winner of the Sustainia Award for green innovation. Among more than 500 candidates, TaKaDu won the sustainability prize for its novel approach for using big data to prevent leaks in water networks and utilities.

Roșia Montană, More Precious Than Gold


Celebrating 10 Years of “Shared Gardens” in Paris

The "Jardins Partagés" or literally translated as “Shared Gardens” are green spaces in urban areas where the urban community plays a vital participatory role in both its development and maintenance. Since they were first established in Lille in 1997, the “Jardin Partagé” phenomenon has extended across the whole of France and we can today find shared community gardens in all important French cities. This year marks the tenth anniversary since the first shared garden was established in Paris.

Greece In Panic Mode May Allow Building On Environmentally Protected Areas

In crisis-hit Greece, government decisions taken in haste and despair to save the country from default, risk having a serious impact on the environment. A new bill seeks to relax restrictions on construction of public and private forestland even for those areas, which are considered protected.

Australia Turns Back the Clock on Climate Change

We interpret everything according to our own experiences. With that in mind, it would seem somewhat surprising that in Australia, of all places, a startlingly high number of people still deny climate change. Don't get me wrong, most Australians do believe in it, but in a country that no longer has a science minister, the newly-elected conservative government is populated by "leaders" who believe that it is some kind of conspiracy, and I fear that they will realise the truth too late.

How to Engage Corporations in a Living Economy


One of the main puzzles of our time is how to avoid climate change and safeguard ecosystem health while simultaneously improving human wellbeing and sustaining the economy. As a major culture-shaping institution, the business sector has an important role in the road towards a more sustainable society. How can corporations promote environmental and social sustainability, and at the same time have positive returns on investment?

Highlights from 'Business Innovation in a Living Economy' Seminar at the European Parliament

We live in a time of crisis and collapse of the old development models connected to the conservative values businesses used to rely on. Our society is in a desperate need of alternative, viable and responsible solutions for its economy, its businesses and its daily life.
These were the words of Nikos Chrysogelos, Member of the European Parliament of the Greens, when he opened a Worldwatch business seminar organised on the 4th June at the European Parliament.

Greek Entrepreneurship in a Time of Crisis: Innovating the Future