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Re-think Childhood: The Right to Know

by Alexandra Hayles

We allow our children to make choices without having the information nor the capacity to take into account the consequences. The society in which we live in is using children to increase consumption. Marketing is aimed at a group in society that has no chance of assessing the consequences of their actions.

Illustration: Alejandra Bize

Going Beyond Sustainababble

An Interview with Robert Engelman

by Katerina Batzaki

Creating Sustainable Neighbourhoods in Athens

by Katerina Batzaki and Eirini Glyki

A Symposium on Consumer Kids and Sustainable Childhood bears a new network of sustainability for the neighbourhoods of the wider region of the Greek capital.

The EU must lead the fight against climate change

The EU has to stop the internal disagreements and take the lead in the fight against global climate change. If the EU doesn't speak with one voice the struggle against climate change might be lost.

by Dan Jørgensen

European Parents Want Sustainable Living for Their Children

by Katerina Batzaki

Photo Credits: Glyn Lowe Photoworks

“I would like my children to lead less commercial lives, lives turned to education, to friendship, to being humane – that is very important for me, to be humane, because I don’t think people can be happy without being generous, humane”, says Maria Stankovic, a mother of two from the town of Belgrade in Serbia.

What's best for my child?

No Silicon Heaven?

by Daniel Yeow

"No silicon heaven!?"

And with those words, the hostile android's head explodes aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf. Kryten, the ship's android, who had just told the other android that there was no silicon heaven turns to the crew, a smug look on his face, and says "I confused him because I knew something that he didn't - I knew that I was lying! Of course there's a silicon heaven - otherwise where would all the calculators go!?".

All-In on Climate

by Chris Flavin

President Obama’s decision to make climate change and energy a centerpiece of his Inaugural Address has taken political analysts and partisans on both sides of the issue by surprise. Of the half dozen specific issues raised in the speech, only the economy, foreign affairs, and the social safety net had as many words devoted to them.

A Consuming Conundrum

by Daniel Yeow

I have a problem. I'm stuck in a bind;
This season, I have many presents to find.
The shops have gone crazy, everything is on sale!
The shoppers are worse, seeking their holy grail.

But where does this leave us environmentalists?
we've spent all year pointing and shaking our fists
at the invisible hand, the free market if you will:
whose effects are much-blamed for society's ills

I'll explain if you're late to this Christmas party
consumption heats econ soup - makes it hearty!
all that spending drives aggregate demand

Launch Highlights: From Consumer Kids to Sustainable Childhood

by Celie Manuel

Berlin - Worldwatch Institute Europe launched its new report “From Consumer Kids to Sustainable Childhood” on 15th November 2012 at a symposium event co-hosted by Worldwatch Institute partners Ecologic Institute and Germanwatch.