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Oil Springs Gaming Night

by Daniel Møller

On April 24th, game developer and sustainability expert Erik Assadourian visited Copenhagen. Erik has, in an unusual collaboration with the professional game developers at Settlers of Catan, developed an expansion for the game Settlers: Oil Springs. This expansion introduces a new resource on the island of Catan: Oil.

Economic Crisis: Dancing to Spain's Ills

By Alexandra Hayles

With Spain under international pressure to clamp down and introduce a harsh deficit reduction plan, amidst a quivering banking sector, one of the highest unemployment rates in the EU at 23 per cent, and youth unemployment at almost 50 per cent, the macro economic data suggests a country ready for a radical cultural transformation across society.

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As if it were one of the laws of nature, consumption is always proclaimed as the cure for a threatening economic crisis. We simply choose to forget that environmental and climate crises call for a completely different ball game – nature screams for less consumption and a move away from ruthless exploitation of resources – now.

By Hans Henrik Samuelsen, Geographer

It may sound like we need to choose between the economy and the environment, but given a bit of thought it should be possible to solve both crises at the same time.

Denmark to Boost Wind Energy and Cut Down Its CO2

Thursday, the Danish Parliament formed a historic energy agreement after months of chaotic negotiations between government and opposition parties. The settlement sets the framework for climate and energy policy until 2020 and 2050 and signals that Denmark wants again to take lead on renewable energy and climate.

By Bo Normander

Sustainable Prosperity: A Greek Perspective Part II

In Worldwatch Institute Europe’s second article examining the current situation in Greece we explore the particularities behind the current social situation, the ongoing changes taking place within Greek society and the notion of sustainable prosperity as viewed from a Greek standpoint.

Unsustainable Living: A Greek Perspective

by Eirini Glyki

© AFP/Getty Images

Throughout the past 15 years the Greek economy has been slowly moving towards stagnation and breakdown. The economic crisis unfolded during the past two years, making Greeks face a very difficult situation, one they have been trying to overlook for years.

Transforming Cultures for Sustainable Prosperity: A Visit to Malaysia

by Daniel Yeow

Every year towards the end of January or early February, Chinese people all over the world gather for the Lunar New Year. Traditionally it is a time for celebration, and family. I myself spent time with family, journeying from my small apartment in Copenhagen, Denmark to a large family house in Port Dickson, Malaysia – the home of my paternal grandmother, and gathering place for that entire side of the family.

Global Sustainability Panel Asks for a Future Worth Choosing

The long-term resilience of people and the planet must be at the heart of all economic and political decisions, says a new report from the United Nations. The report wants to bring the sustainable development paradigm into mainstream economics.

By Bo Normander

Urban Farmers and Gardeners Can Reduce Biodiversity Loss

For decades nature has been forced out of cities across the world. To counter this oversight, a number of grassroots and municipal initiatives have emerged, such as urban beekeeper associations, rooftop farmers, and vertical garden projects. The aim is to bring back the living – biodiversity – to city life.

By Bo Normander